Growth of Korean music in the last few tears

The small sphere of cinema fanatics plugged into the World of Cinema know something of the new and exceptionally good works coming out from up and coming nations like South Korea every single year. As one of the upcoming powers in world wide pop music culture, South Korea turned out to be not only a major force in the Internet gaming sphere in the last few years, but have progressed in the animation fields and in nations like China and Japan, their entertainment industry is exploding pretty quickly. The films aren’t all that pop and situation though as a tiny circle of directors have started to affect not only those of us accustom to film from afar, but winning the best prizes at Cannes and more. For those of you who are still wholly unknown to Korean Top Music industry, I have compiled a list for you in which there are some of the most excellent films to come from the Far Eastern neighbors in the 21st century. All these are the films that have released in the last seven years that show where and how Korean Drama Music is going and why you must pay attention.

My Sassy Girl – The debut film of Jae Young Kwak, My Sassy Girl is the typical romantic comedy out of Korea. It’s crucial to remember that in South Korea all the young men are thought of to serve a short term within the military. For their nation on the border of a communist nation under the leadership of a psychopath, induction is necessary. So, there’s been a lifelong tradition of a  twenty something cinema that creates light of the young men and their circumstances and their futures that are always all of a sudden cut out from them for quite a few years in their twenties. This film takes that apprehension and crafts of a brilliant comedy, in which our adroit, anxious young man can’t really keep up with his dynamic, straightforward girlfriend.


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