5 Famous Korean Songs That Touch The Strings Of Your Heart


There is no doubt in this fact that Korean music industry every year gives blockbuster soundtracks that eco in our ears throughout the year. There are number of music pattern in the world but the way korean music is spreading in other areas of the world, no other music form can give you that much fun. Their music is beautiful as they are and even much attractive than others. These young korean artists have great fan following list, no matter whether they are performing in group or giving solo performance, their confident voice and loud music drive their fans crazy at live performances.

Here are top 5 Korean songs that touch the strings of your heart:-

1.Primary x OH HYUK – “Island”

This song is the biggest hit of 2015 that has shake the music industry with its mind blowing lyrics and music. Primary is the top Korean producer who has given other hits as well like “Don’t be shy”, “Mannequin”, and much more. Unfortunately before he left the doldrums, he teamed up with Wunderkind Oh Hyuk to record more interesting sound tracks.

2. SoolJ feat. Suh Ga Young – “Waiting 4 U”

SoolJ is a most famous rapper who used to sung with the Wu Tangish turn-of-the-millennium group Drunken Tiger. His freestyle rap makes him look more confident and interesting. You can easily find him on youtube but those videos are restricted to download. If you are a fan of SoolJ then you can consider Online CD Shops to buy all music collection at affordable prices.

3. Wonder Girls – “Be My Baby”

There is no other korean music group that can beat the endless energy of these super ladies. They filmed a TV flick for TeenNick and proves as most exciting group of Korea.

4. IU – “Boo”

IU is the hottest idol in Korea, that purely reflects in the eyes of her fans. During her recording and shooting, people love to approach her and even die to see her reflection.

5. TVXQ – “ Doshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandaro ”

Doshite is forth Japanese album of TVXQ’s that give him immense success in his career life. Her voice directly touch the strings of your heart and gives you very cheesy feeling.


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