Korean Drama : Determine What To Watch ?

When it comes to Korean drama music, it is tough to determine what to watch especially for those people who do not belong from Korea. Korean drama music is the only thing that attracts you first towards these dramas and you start taking an interest in these Korean stories. Usually, all the dramas have been broadcasted in the Korean language which is quite tough to understand by the outsiders but the music and their dialogue delivery are so attractive that definitely invites you to watch these dramas again and again. Watching K-Dramas is quite interesting especially when you have free time or want to spend quality time with your girlfriend, family and friends as every drama have different theme and story that directly transform your mood.

Here are few suggested Dramas that have been broadcasted with amazing Korean Drama Music:-

1. The Producers:- This serial was broadcasted by the most popular Korean group KBS in 2005 and hit the Korean drama industry with a great success. You will really enjoy this show as it is a real broadcasting station that has been featured with amazing music which makes it actual TV program. The show plays off of real Korean pop culture, so it is a quite interesting way to determine some of the biggest names in entertainment.

2. My Love From Another Star :- The first series of this serial has been broadcasted in 2013 which was directed by Jang Tae-Yoo and released its final episode in 2014. The whole story of this Korean drama revolves around an alien resembling human who landed on earth four hundred years ago. The reality of this humans begins to fade away when he fall in love with an actress. It is quite interesting and romantic type story that keeps you entertain.

3. Tree Of Heaven:- Tree of heaven is a South Korean-Japanese series which had been released in 2006. It has a dramatical story in which there was a very heavy snowstorm and running the whole city badly.


5 Famous Korean Songs That Touch The Strings Of Your Heart


There is no doubt in this fact that Korean music industry every year gives blockbuster soundtracks that eco in our ears throughout the year. There are number of music pattern in the world but the way korean music is spreading in other areas of the world, no other music form can give you that much fun. Their music is beautiful as they are and even much attractive than others. These young korean artists have great fan following list, no matter whether they are performing in group or giving solo performance, their confident voice and loud music drive their fans crazy at live performances.

Here are top 5 Korean songs that touch the strings of your heart:-

1.Primary x OH HYUK – “Island”

This song is the biggest hit of 2015 that has shake the music industry with its mind blowing lyrics and music. Primary is the top Korean producer who has given other hits as well like “Don’t be shy”, “Mannequin”, and much more. Unfortunately before he left the doldrums, he teamed up with Wunderkind Oh Hyuk to record more interesting sound tracks.

2. SoolJ feat. Suh Ga Young – “Waiting 4 U”

SoolJ is a most famous rapper who used to sung with the Wu Tangish turn-of-the-millennium group Drunken Tiger. His freestyle rap makes him look more confident and interesting. You can easily find him on youtube but those videos are restricted to download. If you are a fan of SoolJ then you can consider Online CD Shops to buy all music collection at affordable prices.

3. Wonder Girls – “Be My Baby”

There is no other korean music group that can beat the endless energy of these super ladies. They filmed a TV flick for TeenNick and proves as most exciting group of Korea.

4. IU – “Boo”

IU is the hottest idol in Korea, that purely reflects in the eyes of her fans. During her recording and shooting, people love to approach her and even die to see her reflection.

5. TVXQ – “ Doshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandaro ”

Doshite is forth Japanese album of TVXQ’s that give him immense success in his career life. Her voice directly touch the strings of your heart and gives you very cheesy feeling.

Famous Korean Actors Who Can Sing Better Than Kpop Singers

There is no doubt in this fact that korean artists are such talented people who polish their skills right from childhood to get expert in their forte. No matter, whether they want to go for singing or acting, both the professions required equal hard work and efforts that reflects in their kpop music albums. These fair complexion girls and trendy korean boys are attractive enough to engage huge public towards their music as they perform with great passion and loud rock band that make their fans to shake their legs. Their pleasing personality and fashionable dress sense attract youngsters towards it and allow them to follow their trends to look like them.

When we talk about such actors who can carry better tune than kpop singer, then Lee Seung Gi, Park Seo Joon and Kim Soo Hyun immediately come to our mind. Reason being that they are blessed with great vocal quality and acting skills that make them stand out of the crowd. Even many people have not been awared of this that they have started their career with Kpop music before venturing into the world of acting. In fact, after that many Korean artists have tried this platform to switch their profession to acting industry but they fail to do so. Despite releasing Korean top music albums, they are not able to get even supporting roles.

Let’s find out the details of these Korean actors:-

Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon

You may recognise this multi-talented actor from his most famous drama “She was pretty” but did you know that he can also sing? You may watch him in dramas only but he undoubtedly has a great vocal quality that can beat the most famous korean singers. Not just that, in fact he has a evidence of training in his voice in order to make it more beautiful. You can easily feel that passion and emotion in his signing that make you feel calm and relax.

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun is still at the height of popularity and gives back to back hit in acting industry, but his voice has more charm than his acting that makes him super talented korean actor who is blessed with such great talents. His super fine voice and acting skills make his personality more attractive than any other kpop singer.

Rock Your Party With J POP Sound Tracks

Jpop CD Sale

Are you planning your birthday party at home? Do you want to add more fun in your party? If so, then why you are search your entertaining equipment here and there. Just simply browse your favorite sound tracks and rock the party. There is no denying this fact that without having an appropriate music and entertainment, your party is incomplete whether it’s a birthday party, wedding event or bachelor’s party. For many people, party means drink, dance and sign. Now the youngsters are too crazy about the Japanese pop music as it not only adds fun to the party but also allows you to shake your legs on its rocking beats.

People who love music, can’t stay without music and it is natural to attach greater significance to music that surrounds you between the age of 10 to 30. I think during that time people choose out their favorite stars and like to listen to them only. Once you start listing Japanese Pop music then surely you won’t like to switch to another music form.

Japanese POP CD
Now Japanese music is not just limited to the Tokyo Borders. In fact it has become popular among other Asian countries as well, where people deliver them immense love and support. It hardly matters that people would understand its lyrics or not, but once they connect with the rhythm of the song, then they automatically start enjoying. Moreover, the way they perform or sing their songs, anyone can get crazy about it.

Generally, these young artist get training at dancing and singing training centers, where they learn tremendous choreography and singing with various musical equipment’s. In addition, training faculties polish their skills so that they are able to perform in front of huge gatherings with a great confidence.

There is no doubt that people love these artist madly and don’t want to miss any track of theirs. If you are also one of those great fans, then you don’t need to download pirated prints. Now Buy Jpop CD online at cheap prices and update your music collection in just few clicks. Moreover you can buy Mini Lp CD at various online music stores such as CatchopCD, Yesasia, etc.

4 Reasons That Make Kpop Music Popular All Over The World

hara-kara-1st-mini-album-alohara-can-you-feel-it-cdKorean pop music is also known as Kpop music which impose their effects on all age group people and allow them to shake their legs on the rocking sound tracks. Now melody and lyrics have become lesser component as people would get attract by their catchy beats and outstanding choreography. If you will notice, then you will found that many songs sound similar as they are recorded with same lyrics, only the music or beats will make them different. Among all the music style Kpop is getting more and more viral nowadays just because of their unique presentation.

Youth love to watch out their latest videos on the youtube and follow these young artist madly. It has been noticed that people enjoy to watch out their videos instead of listening their music as visually appealing music videos are the main musical content which make them excited.


Apart from that there are few reasons behind its increasing popularity:-

1. It’s Catchy Music:- You can’t understand the lyrics of kpop music but atleast you can try to sing along with the artists while watching videos. When you listen these songs closely then you will really get into the beats and connect yourself with the rhythm which relax your mind and allow you to get understand its meaning.

2. Amazing Kpop Videos:- Most of the other music style do not focus on the dancing part in their videos and emphasis on background music and lyrics which do not create that much craziness among youth. Korean music videos have amazing choreography that mainly creates a great fan following list.

3. Latest Fashion Trends:- The shiny colorful costumes, Bouncy canvas shoes, trendy accessory, banded watches, funky hairstyles drive the youngsters crazy. Actually their fashion trends are one of the main reason behind its popularity.

4. Availability Of Kpop Albums :- Due to increase demand of Kpop music there are several korean music CDs can be purchased on the internet. There are such popular online music stores such as catchopCD, Yesasia, Kpoptown, etc, from where you can purchases original Kpop Music CD.

Most Famous Korean & Japanese Music Madness

There is nothing new in saying that Japanese and Korean Musical Groups are getting much popular among youngsters as well as elders. Every time, when they use to land in the market they leave a big band impact on the Korean culture and the music market. Actually the reality is that, Kpop and Jpop groups have become popular enough that the western music has been dominated by them only.

Why the korean music fans are mad about these groups?

Korean soundtracks are not only listened in the Korea but also spread in the other zones of China as well. The background music is so loud and rocking that makes their fan to be feeling crazy and encourage them to wave their hands in the air and shake their legs like a crazy. Sometimes the music is so loud that you cannot understand their lyrics, especially during their live concerts. Asian groups are hitting the global charts just because of their fans love and overwhelm support.

Many times these groups use to face language problem, especially when they need to perform in other states, but their live performance is so powerful that people hardly bother to understand their lyrics, they just want to enjoy their music. There are many people who have been surprised by their level of confidence during their live performances special the small age groups.

All the kpop singers usually get the professional training for two to three years, under which their communication skills have been polished. The personality have been built in such a way that they feel confident enough to perform in front of huge public. Even they use to get training to improve their vocal quality so that high pitch soundtracks will get recorded in an efficient manner.

Nowadays, Japanese Pop CD Stores allow you to explore their collection on the websites as well and buy the CD’s from there also if you don’t have much time to explore the collection at the store. Buy Jpop CD online will allow you to save money as well by taking an advantage of their exciting discount offers.

Shop Online Japanese Pop CD’s – Catchopcd

stellar-2nd-mini-album-cdJapan has given the world plenty of lessons in art and music from anime to Jpop and will likely continue to do so for many more years to come. Japanese pop is a musical genre that emerged in the 1990s and is a sort of local bubblegum popular music tradition that features good looking young singers and musicians performing upbeat and catchy industrially derived tunes meant to cater to the needs of discos and nightclubs.

Originally, Japanese music showed large influences from traditional Japanese music of which sparse rhythm is said to be a defining feature. But the introduction of western music in the 1960s in the form of the Beatles and the Beach Boys resulted in indigenous rock bands such as Happy End attempt a fusion between tradition and modernity.

In the 1970s, innovative bands such as the electronic synth Yellow Magic Orchestra and the pop rock Southern All Stars came to dominate the music scene in the country.

Finally, in the 90s, Japanese pop or Jpop music as it is popularly known, replaced lyrical music with heavily dance based commercial rhythms. Jpop has influenced and been influenced by Kpop among others and can be traced as the originator of similar popular music in the neighboring countries of South East Asia and the Pacific.

It has been said that Jpop first referred to music inspired by Eurobeat or instrumental dance club music but eventually came to refer to all music in Japan excepting traditional music.

Modern dance traditions such as hip hop and break beats have also helped Jpop change for the better.

Some early successful Jpop artists that you can buy from CD stores include Kazumasa Oda, Chage and Aska, Kome Kome Club and Globe.

Other well known Japanese pop hits at CD stores are as follows: the album, ‘Review-the Best of Glay’ by Glay, B’z’s ‘B’z The Best Pleasure and Hikaru Utada’s ‘First Love’.

Japanese pop is staple to anime themes and Japanese film music. Current hits on Billboard.com include ‘Hikari No Shizuku’, Sekai Ni Hetotsu Dake No Hana and Sakkaku Crossroads as of February 6, 2016.

It has lately been lamented that Jpop has fallen far behind Korean pop or Kpop but if the popularity of preparations for the annually held Jpop Summit 2016 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco is anything to go by, then there could be a resurgence in the popularity of this very unique and iconic character of the economic powerhouse of Asia.